6 Months of Support


For emerging leaders who want to take ownership of their personal brand on the digital landscape to get the role, recognition, and revenue they deserve.

Meet future you…

  • You know exactly what you want to be known for and where, when, and how to showcase your expertise.

  • Your name is showing up everywhere, and your talents are more visible than they’ve ever been before.

  • You have distinguished yourself from your peers, and you’re standing out on the digital landscape.

  • You know exactly which channels to use to showcase your ideas and speak directly to your target audience.

  • You have a clearly defined personal brand story, elevator pitch, professional bio and media kit.

  • People are knocking down your door to get a meeting with you. Your calendar is booked.

  • You have new opportunities every time you open your email.

  • You are showing up in Google search results.

  • You have a speaking gig lined up, an award on the shelf to showcase your hard work, and your bottom line is getting bigger.

All because you devoted yourself to building your personal brand.


Everyone has a personal brand, whether they know it or not.

In today’s noisy digital landscape, in order to stand out from your peers, you must establish yourself, your ideas, and your talents online. Those who want to lead and distinguish themselves have a huge opportunity take control of their personal brand on the digital landscape.

I know what it takes to build businesses, launch books, land speaking gigs, and win awards on the digital landscape - and it’s not by following the marketing “flavor of the week”.

The secret is human-to-human connection: Showing up as yourself to grow your audience and establish influence. I’ll work with you to provide comprehensive and inspired support on how to establish and build a personal brand on the digital landscape to set you apart from others, market your talents, leverage your influence, and earn increased recognition and visibility.


What’s included?

  • Six months of ongoing support with 1:1 coaching
    (18 live coaching sessions, recorded for future use)

  • Personal brand strategy development

    • What do you want to be known for

    • What channels work best for you

    • What do we need to do to achieve your goals

  • Digital, social media, and content planning on the channels that make the most sense for your personal brand

  • Blogging/thought leadership development

  • Identification of speaking opportunities, industry awards, and partnerships

  • Ongoing review, guidance, and feedback

  • Unlimited email access

    INVESTMENT: $7,500

    Payment plans available

BONUS: Complimentary access to all my ongoing Personal Branding workshops, materials, and workbooks!


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That’s fine! Just book a discovery call and we’ll hop on the phone to discuss if this is the right option for you.

How does the process work?

The first month is typically devoted to goals, strategy, and defining your personal brand messaging. We’ll meet around 3 times per month (depending on your schedule) to implement your personal brand strategy.

Will you help me manage my social media?

Yes! I offer social media management services as an add-on for personal brand coaching clients.

Will you help me write blogs and other content?

Yes! I offer copywriting services as an add-on for personal brand coaching clients. If you don’t need me to write content for you, content reviewing and editing is included in the personal brand package.

WIll you help me build my personal website?

Yes! I offer website development as an add-on for personal brand coaching clients.

Need something different? Have more questions? Not sure if it’s right for you? Send me an email. I personally read and respond to each one!