For emerging leaders who want to take ownership of their personal brand on the digital landscape to get the role, recognition, and revenue they deserve.

Hey look! it’s (INSERT your Name) Dot COm!

  • You have a universal platform to showcase yourself and the work you do.

  • People are knocking down your door to get a meeting with you. Your calendar is booked.

  • You have new opportunities every time you open your inbox.

  • You’re showing up in Google search results.

  • You have a speaking gig lined up, an award on the shelf to showcase your hard work, and the dollar bills are stacking up.

All because you devoted yourself to building your personal brand AND showcased it through your own website.


Building my website was the ONE CHANNEL I should have focused on sooner for my career and my business.

When I finally created my site, it immediately legitimized my personal brand, the work I wanted to be known for, and ultimately my business. As soon as my website went “live” I started showcasing it across my channels, and new opportunities came flooding in.

I’ve worked with many clients to understand exactly what they need in a website that showcases their personal brand, I’m excited to have come up with a package that is a beautiful blend of 1:1 personal brand strategy consulting and website development. This is hands-on white glove support to build your personal brand AND get a beautiful website in the process.


What’s included?

  • Personal brand strategy consulting

    • Three dedicated 1:1 consulting sessions to focus on your personal brand strategy and how to leverage your new website

  • Content PLANNING

    • Content planning worksheets that practically write your website copy for you

  • One custom personal website

    • One beautiful Squarespace site

    • Build of up to 5 pages

    • Mobile optimization

    • Basic SEO

    • Integrations of social media and other third party platforms

    • Implementation of client provided copy, images, logo and brand colors

    • 2 rounds of revisions

    INVESTMENT: $2,495


Not quite sure and have questions? Just send me an email and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! I personally read and answer every email:



How does the process work?

We start with a kick-off strategy call to discuss your website outline and content. Then, you complete the content planning worksheets to build your brand messaging and website copy. We take your content, wave our magic wands, and send you a website framework for review. Once you’ve approved the framework, we build a beautiful site that perfectly showcases you and your personal brand! Ta daaaaaa!

How long will it take for me to get a website?

We typically deliver a final website in 6-8 weeks.

What if I don’t have a logo or official brand colors?

Let me tell you a secret….I don’t have those things either! I’ve built my business around the brand of ME, so I personally have made an intentional choice NOT to have a logo. My team will work with you to select neutral colors and images that can be leveraged universally as you grow and evolve. If/when you’re ready for a brand identity package that includes a logo, fonts, colors and more, we’re here to help!

What kind of website maintenance is required?

My team builds websites that are clean, elegant, and easy to manage. We’ll set you up so you can make as many (or as few) website updates as you want over time. If you need help, you can ALWAYS reach back to me and my team!

What if I already have a website?

We can update or overhaul your existing website copy and design to showcase and highlight your personal brand. Or if you want to discuss other ways I can help you build your personal brand, we can do that too! Schedule a discovery call to chat!

What if I want help creating a visual brand identity for my business that includes a custom logo, fonts, colors, and more?

I have an amazing team that can create a beautiful visual identity tailored to your business and your personal brand. We can discuss exactly what we can add to your package to maximize your website, social media, and other personal branding channels!

I have an e-commerce business. Is this offer for me?

Maybe! The best way for us to start is through a discovery call.

What if I don’t want to use Squarespace. Do you support websites on other platforms?

Yes! My team also can work in Wordpress and other website platforms. Let’s connect in a discovery call to chat about how we can meet your needs.

Need something different? Have more questions? Not sure if it’s right for you? Schedule a discovery call to learn more about my LinkedIn Profile Overhaul, 1:1 Personal Brand Coaching Package or Personal Brand VIP Intensive.